Bridging the GAP on Gambling

Bridging the GAP on Gambling

Hey everyone how’s it going? I Thought we’d step outside for a little bit. My name is Dan, this is bridging the gap on gambling. Thank you all for joining us. This is our maiden episode.

I didn’t think that an office was really the best place, so I thought we’d come out here to one of Regina’s nice little parks and have a decent backdrop. Though, I probably got some seriously squinty eye going on right now. Great to meet all of you! This is kind of the introduction, the maiden introduction to our new channel here at GAP. GAP is The Gambling Awareness Program. We’re actually run out of CMHA which is Canadian Mental Health Association. You guys might have seen some of our postings for mental health week, which was just last week. We are actually entering responsible gambling week, and kind of the the kickoff for our our introduction to the channel. So as far as this channel goes the main goal is, we want to try and give you guys a little bit more of a broad understanding of, really the whole topic of gambling.

What it includes, what to maybe make yourself aware of, and just how to better be prepared for the realities that are out there. Serious financial troubles that can come up, family issues that can come up, addiction issues that can come up. Bridging the GAP on online gambling is kind of our new way of just trying to talk about a lot of subjects that are kind of covered out in the news that maybe don’t come with enough context. So it’s our hope that you know maybe this is a little bit more of an entertaining interesting way to absorb some of that content. We’re actually still out at this park… Kinda nice they have fire pits here, who’da guessed? So, I just wanted to explain a little bit more on the whole idea behind this channel for the most part.

Our whole goal is to kind of provide you guys with as much information on the world of gambling as we really can.

That includes a lot of different topics, and it’s a pretty varied variety of things that we can actually discuss. Everything from some of the more complex math behind why certain games and the casino just aren’t viable options for making money. To the psychology that kind of plays behind a lot of others more skilled based games. Too, well, just what you do on this, your phone. I mean all of it kind of touches on the same topics and we’re going to try and explore those and get a little bit more clarity out there then maybe I can do in just a Facebook post. Which is really how we’ve kind of communicated up to this point so, it’s exciting to be able to come online and get in front of guys and actually you know have a conversation. So I really hope that as this channel kind of evolves you’ll be interested in sending me some of the topics that you’d want to hear about.

I mean I would love to research them, I would love to look into what you guys actually wonder and think and want to discuss about gambling.

It is actually a really nice spot in here and you know one thing that I always think about when it kind of comes to, trying to make better habits even for myself is just getting out and enjoying nature a little bit more. It’s surprisingly beneficial, it always feels great. So yeah, hence, we’re out here, in nature, doing things! So, this week is actually a responsible gambling week and GAP’s big push for trying to get information out there this year is really a focus on the Mobile Crisis Line, located right here in Regina. We’re going to be speaking with a few different staff members the work of the Mobile Crisis Line and we kind of want to give you a little bit better of an idea about why we try and promote The Problem Gambling Helpline, some of the services that they offer, and I want to just kind of show you guys that it’s a regular everyday people that actually just really care about the people who call in. Which can sometimes be a little bit terrifying. I know personally when I think about calling a call center, you don’t necessarily think that those are local places, but, no it’s all based here in Saskatchewan.

The Mobile Crisis Unit actually goes out into Regina to do calls, and they’re just a great group of people. It was really awesome being able to sit down and chat with them and kind of learn more about what it is exactly that they do. It was actually at that point I realized, I didn’t record an outro for this video. So, we’re here in my office, so I just want to take a brief second to say you know I hope you guys really like the videos that are coming in the next couple days here. I had a lot of fun making them it was great talking with all the people down at Mobile Crisis. The Problem Gambling Helpline is definitely an awesome resource for anyone that wants to check it out I highly recommend it. Their website’s great, we’re gonna have links in the description for the site as well as the Helpline Number. GAP, The Gambling Awareness Program, and some of our coordinators are going to actually be out for a responsible gambling week at a couple of the casinos out in Saskatchewan. So I’m going to have links in the description of this video and some posts on Facebook as well, so if you haven’t liked or followed this particular channel make sure you click the subscribe button and I’ll have our Facebook and Twitter linked in there as well. You can get updates on some of the stuff that we’re doing at the casinos, where we’ll be what times will be there, and if you want to come out and say hi to some of the GAP members and myself for sure that would be great we’d love to see you guys. Anyway, this is where I’m probably going to sign off I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and I hope you’ll come back for more to come in the future. It was great meeting you all and we’ll see you next time. Play it safe out there.